Manida White offers private Biopulsar Analysis and wellness consultation, to assist clients in achieving their optimal: Health, Prosperity, Family & Personal Relationship, Joy, and Inner Peace. She empowers her clients to co-create wellness and conducts classes in North America and Asia-Pacific.

Based on the premise that, our well-being (mind-body and soul in balance) is affected by three significant energy fields; our own aura/Biofield energy, the cosmic/galactic energy, and the environmental electro-magnetic fields; Manida employs the following:
     1. Biopulsar-Reflexograph Imaging system - to analyze your aura, 7 main chakras (energy centers), and 49 organs vibrational frequencies.
     2. Nine Star Ki, an ancient wisdom of the cosmic energy - to understand clients' way of being, stress management, and bio-energetic compatibility.
     3. Classical Feng Shui, an ancient art and science - to analyze the Life Force energy (Chi/Ki, Prana) in and around clients' dwellings according to the traditional compass method (Luo Pan) and the Xuan Kong (mathematical system of the Yi-Jing).

Manida also utilizes several complementary and alternative healthcare modalities such as Biofield energy therapy (Quantum-Touch), crystal energy, light and color therapy, regression (hypnotherapy) - to accept and let go, as well as meditation. Your initial step is the Aura/Biopulsar consultation,


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